“Fake” by Lauv & Conan Gray

In “Fake“, Conan Gray and Lauv take swipes at fake people who pretend to be their friends although they betray and lie about them behind their backs.

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In the verses, they addresses how such people only strive to look perfect on the outside and in pictures, when they are phony on the inside. They also talk about how such people act in relationships; only being interested in others when they are drunk or on drugs, while they tell blatant lies almost all the time. 

In the chorus, they call such people out for being dishonest and suggest that instead of pretending, they prefer if they will plainly tell them they have a problem or don’t like them.

The song ends with the singers stepping up to the manipulative antics of fake people while stating that they will only respond to them when they become genuine.

The song was written by Lauv alongside Conan Gray and two others, namely Jacob Kasher and Johnny Simpson

“Fake” came out on 13th of October, 2020.

Lauv, in a press statement revealed that this track was written the first time he met Conan and it is one of his favorite songs. Conan added that they wrote it when they were hanging out and ranting about two-faced people who say one thing and do otherwise and talk behind the backs of their friends.

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