“Changes” by Lauv

Lauv released “Changes” right around the New Year of 2020. And it has a theme applicable to the holiday – a theme where the singer is making a resolution to change his life. He has come to realize that certain actions he tends to engage in are not beneficial to his overall wellbeing. Thus he wants to breakout of these routines. But he also realizes two important aspects associated with this goal. One is that achieving such, as in altering his modus operandi, is going to be difficult. And secondly, he understands that he may need help along the way. 

But in consideration that “life ain’t easy these days”, he appears as if he is committed to implementing “changes” in his existence.

Lyrics of “Changes”

Facts about “Changes”

“Changes” was released on 2 January 2020. It is part of the playlist of Lauv’s maiden album, which is entitled “How I’m Feeling”.

The label behind the song is called AWAL.

The above mentioned album also produced such notable singles as the below:

“Changes” was written and produced by Lauv. And on the songwriting side, he was assisted by Michael Matosic and Michael Pollack.

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