“Dishes” by Lauv

The way the lyrics of Lauv’s “Dishes” play out is that the titular “dishes” are actually symbolic. Yes, the singer is in fact referencing the plates or what have you which are resident in his kitchen. But when he looks at them, what they do is take his mind back to his estranged lover. And as such the primary sentiment being relayed centers on the singer basically missing his ex, despite his attempts not to.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Lauv's Dishes at Lyrics.org.

“It feels so weird without you”

This song is featured on Lauv’s EP from 2020 titled “Without You”. He released it via Kobalt Music Group and its subsidiary, AWAL, on 24 June 2020. And the title of the EP was apparently derived from the post-chorus of “Dishes”.

Lauv wrote and produced this song alongside one of his regular collaborators, who goes by the name of DallasK.

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