“Love U Like That” by Lauv

The lyrics of Lauv’s “Love U Like That” are all about a super passionate love affair. Lauv kicks off talking about their old issues and emotional baggage, but his pretty much thrown themselves headfirst into their partner’s world now. And man, he finds them so dang attractive.

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The pre-chorus and choruses are super steamy, describing some serious physical intimacy. The singer even says this relationship could hurt him big time, but he’s totally cool with that because he’s head over heels in love.

“I love you like that
Everything you do just turns me on
I love you like that
Body on my mind like all night long”

In verse two, the singer keeps up with the theme of being super into his partner. There’s a line that’s like “I don’t need coffee, I know you want me” which pretty much means his partner’s desire for him is way more stimulating than any caffeine hit.

The bridge adds a bit of a twist, hinting at some confusion or uncertainty, but that doesn’t slow down the love train. Lauv even says his partner is driving him nuts (in a good way) in London. Basically, the singer’s got his heart leading the way in this relationship and he’s all in, no matter what happens.


Lauv co-produced “Love U Like That” alongside Federico Vindver. The pair also receive writing credits for the track alongside Annika Bennett.

Release Date of “Love U Like That”

On August 4th, 2023, Lauv released this song as a single from his third studio album.

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