“Scared of Love” by Ali Gatie

In this song, Ali Gatie is empathizing with a romantic interest who is “scared of love”. That’s another way of saying that past experiences have made her reluctant in the realm of romance, as in frightened in terms of giving her heart to another lover. 

But Ali is able to perceive that even though romance may intimidate her, he does not. So basically, he is imploring her to focus more on him than the prospect of things going awry between the two of them.

Or relayed otherwise, Gatie is confident that he is not going to do any wrong. Furthermore, he feels that if given the opportunity, he will be able to heal her emotional wounds. Or put more simply, it would appear that the addressee is quite reluctant to hook up with the vocalist, not because she has any issue with him personally but rather due to her own baggage. However, Ali perceives her as being his soulmate.  Therefore he is trying to convince her otherwise, that she shouldn’t be afraid to give him her heart.

Ali Gatie's "Scared of Love" Lyrics

Release Date

November 25th, 2022 marked the official date of release of “Scared of Love”. The song’s release was made possible by Warner Records.

Credits “Scared of Love”

Gatie wrote this song with music producer J Grooves (who also serves as the track’s official producer).

This isn’t Grooves and Gatie’s first time working together. Prior to this track, they had worked together on multiple other songs, “Perfect”.

Scared of Love

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