Cardi B’s “Press” Lyrics Meaning

According to certain reports the song “Press” is based on Cardi B’s beef with the media, as in their tendency to be interested in every aspect of her life. But is that really what this song is actually about? Not really!

And why do we say so? Throughout the track, Cardi uses the word “press” in two different contexts. One is, as aforementioned, to refer to the pop media. The other however is based on the slang definition of the term, as in when you’re ‘pressing’ someone that means you are stressing or pressuring them.

And in that regard, the rapper is saying that “bit*hes be pressed”, as in her female opps and haters are stressed out by her success. So in true Cardi B fashion, she spends most of the track touting her superiority over them. And this is not only based on her ridiculously-expensive lifestyle but also her wherewithal to best them in physical combat.

So yes, in a broader context Cardi is bringing it to all media. However, she is saying she does not “need more press”, as in more people documenting her private life. But more specifically, she is talking directly to her female rivals and basically telling them that they should stay out of her business.

Facts about “Press”

  • Cardi first teased the release of this track in December of 2018 via Instagram. She then announced that it was forthcoming, complete with artwork, on 27 May 2019.
  • Then KSR Group and Atlantic Records officially released the track on 31 May.
  • As of the time of the release of “Press”, Cardi B’s second album is still in the works, with this track expected to make an appearance to the project.

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