“Carousel” by Melanie Martinez

The lyrics of Melanie Martinez’s “Carousel” highlight what can be felt when a person’s love is unrequited. The song mainly talks about a one-sided love affair where one party feels like they can never truly reach the other. The narrator in this situation seems to be frustrated as she realizes she is unable to move forward in the relationship. It is just like two points on opposing sides of a rotating circle.

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The song portrays the pain of loving someone so deeply to the point that one feels trapped, yet is impossible to get their attention no matter how hard you try.

Melanie uses a carousel to bring more significance to this kind of love that goes round in chase without end. Clearly, their relationship does not seem to work and is far from reality. However, the singer feels stuck and finds it difficult to move on.

Lyrics of "Carousel"

What Melanie has said about “Carousel”

In an interview with Billboard, Melanie explained the lyrics of “Carousel”. According to her, the lyrics are about her falling in love with a person and feeling stuck on a ride while trying to catch them. However, never really reaching them.

Date of Release of “Carousel”

Melanie released “Carousel” through Atlantic Records on 1 September 2014.  It was originally featured on her maiden EP, “Dollhouse”. Actually it was the second single released from that project.

And the following year it also made an appearance on her hit debut album, “Cry Baby”. That album also featured one of her most well-known songs “Cry Baby“.

“American Horror Story” Appearance

This track was used as the theme song for the fourth season of the television show “American Horror Story”, which originally aired in late 2014.


“Carousel” has been certified Gold in Canada and Platinum in Melanie Martinez’s homeland of the United States. That being said, the US was the only country in which this tune charted.

Writing Credits for “Carousel”

The musical duo of Kinetics & One Love produced this track. And they also co-wrote its lyrics along with Melanie.

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