“Sippy Cup” by Melanie Martinez

“Sippy Cup” narrates the story of the protagonist, Cry Baby’s childhood where she witnesses her drunk mother murdering her father and another woman he cheats with in their home. In the chorus, she emphasizes on the fact that you cannot solve a problem by merely dressing it up and making it look good on the outside. She makes a reference to Syrup, which in this case means alcohol. She states that alcohol is still alcohol even if it is poured in a cute sippy cup; or in general terms, problems still persist no matter how much one tries to cover them.

It appears that the narrator’s innocence, peace and memories have been bruised as a result of her family situation. She expresses her emotions by talking about a corpse in a cradle. As narrated in the story, Cry Baby’s mother in her drunken state chose to hide the dead bodies of her husband and his lover in a cradle. However, the singer metaphorically uses this corpse in a cradle to depict the fact that her childhood, the peace and family love that existed is now dead, despite her mother’s attempt to conceal it even in plain sight.

Lyrics of "Sippy Cup"

In all, the lyrics of this song vividly describe the dark events that happen in a distraught family. In doing so, they send a message that a problem can’t simply be solved by concealing it.

Facts about “Sippy Cup”

  • Atlantic Records released “Sippy Cup” on 31 July 2015 as the third single from Melanie Martinez’s first album, “Cry Baby”.
  • This track serves as an unofficial sequel to another Melanie Martinez track, “Dollhouse”, as well as the link between her first EP (also entitled “Dollhouse”) and first album.
  • Martinez wrote this song as well as directed its music video, which premiered on Spin the day before the track was released. The other co-writers are Kinetics and the track’s producer, One Love.
  • The only country where “Sippy Cup” charted was Melanie Martinez’s native United States, where the track has also been certified Gold.

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