“Cry Baby” by Melanie Martinez

“Cry Baby” explains in its verses the challenges of being an open-hearted and emotional person. In this song, Melanie expresses with deep passion and knowledge, what it means to be different from others, especially when society does not fully understand your personality.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Melanie Martinez's Cry Baby at Lyrics.org.

She describes a character named “Cry Baby” while indicating the fact that she has a big heart and is easily consumed with emotions (which are usually expressed through tears). Although she hints in the chorus about not caring about people constantly teasing or deserting her because they can’t handle her emotions, she actually cares and somehow wishes she could control her tears in public.

Melanie talks about “Cry Baby”

Melanie, speaking with Vice, disclosed that she is Cry Baby, adding that she finds it hard to separate herself from the character she created in the song. And why? Because she was teased as a child for being extremely emotional. So in a sense this is a song with a strong autobiographical content.

Lyrics of "Cry Baby"

Release Date of “Cry Baby”

“Cry Baby” is the title song from Melanie Martinez’s maiden album. It was released with the rest of the album on 14 August 2015.

And its music video came out a few months later, on 14 March 2016. Unfortunately due to some of the offensive words used in the video, we can’t include it here.

Gold Certification

As of the publishing date of this post, this song currently enjoys a Gold Certification in the United States.

Did Melanie Martinez write “Cry Baby”?

Yes. Melanie Martinez and its producers (the musical duo Kinetics & One Love) wrote this song.

Did Melanie drop this as a single?

No. The album on which it appears was supported by just three single releases. And they are as follows:

  • “Sippy Cup”
  • “Soap”
  • “Pity Party”

Interestingly enough, despite not coming out as a single, this song ended up being even more notable than some of the singles mentioned above. Apparently this is because it shares the same name with the album.

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