“Wasted on You” by Morgan Wallen

Simply put, the title of this song (“Wasted on You”) serves as a metaphor for the singer being unable to get over his ex. Indeed it is quite a powerful allegory, and at times the vocalist does indeed get “wasted”, as in drunk, in the name of dulling the associated emotional discomfort. But more to the point is the “time” and “money” he is dedicating overall to what appears to be a vain, unachievable goal. Verily at the end of the day, no matter how hard he tries to forgive and forget, the mistake he’s made by losing the woman he loves is one that will not leave him in peace.

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When did Morgan Wallen release “Wasted on You”?

This song came out on 8 January 2021 as part of Morgan Wallen’s second studio project, Dangerous: The Double Album

The labels behind this tune are Republic Records and Big Loud Records.

Did Morgan write this song himself?

Yes. This is a self-authored track. However, Morgan didn’t pen it solely by himself. He worked alongside other professional songwriters to create this song. They include the following names:

  • Ernest K. Smith
  • Josh Thompson
  • Charlie Handsome 

And the track was produced by Joey Moi and Jacob Durrett.

Song’s Success

The song’s album (“Dangerous: The Double Album”) shot to number one on the US iTunes chart. And this song in particular fared well, being one of the top 10 tracks sold on iTunes at the time of its release.


In all, “Wasted on You”, finds the narrator in his feelings. And he is in this unenviable state due to losing the woman his heart desires.

Are the lyrics of “Wasted on You” autobiographical?

It is possible that the lyrics of this song are fact-based. Some fans believe that Morgan’s breakup with Katie Smith (his ex fiancée) may have inspired the song. Morgan and Katie welcomed a baby boy named Indie in July of 2020. However, as of the writing and release date of the song, he and Katie had split up.

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