“Cherry” by The Used

The title of this song (“Cherry”), in context, represents how in the past, the relationship between the vocalist and addressee was an edifying one. But now, taking for granted that said relationship is a romantic one, it’s as if the former is challenging the latter to dump him. That is to say that Bert recognizes he is a toxic partner, and as long as his union with the addressee remains intact, the potential for him to act out accordingly exists. So conclusively, it seems putting the onus on the other party to dead this romance, as he apparently has no intention of doing so himself despite being cognizant of his faults.

“So bury me in the dirt where I belong, bury me
If all I do is love you wrong, bury me
There’s so much lower I can go, so bury me
‘Cause I’ll do it if you don’t bury me”

On May 19 of 2023, The Used announced the release of “Cherry”, which was issued along with its album “Toxic Positivity”. This record was released as the group’s ninth studio offering.

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