“House of Sand” by The Used

A house made of sand would of course be one that could topple at any moment. And in this case, such a structure serves as a metaphor for the vocalist’s sense of security or opinion that his life is such that “nothing ever seems to last”.

It is not abundantly clear, based on the lyrics, what that statement is supposed to mean. But at the end of the day, it’s as if Bert McCracken is depressed due to all of the melancholy around him. Put simply, his thinking has developed such that he doesn’t expect any type of good luck in his life to actually last.

“It’s like I live in a house of sand
Where nothing ever seems to last
It’s crashing down around me
It’s crashing down around me”

Release Date of “House of Sand”

“House of Sand” appears as the tenth track on the playlist of The Used’s ninth studio album, “Toxic Positivity”. Both song and album were officially made commercially available to the public on the same day. And the date in question is May 19 of 2023.  

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