“Headspace” by The Used

“Headspace” is another song from “Toxic Positivity” in which Bert McCracken presents himself as someone who has psychological issues, with his head being “lost in a dark place”. But on this track, he is more specifically addressing those types of people who believe that overcoming such a malady is simply a matter of will or changing one’s perspective. 

The singer proceeds to clarify that “it doesn’t work that way”, that desire alone is not sufficient to get out of one’s personal “headspace”. Furthermore, it’s not as if someone can just look at him and perceive ever-growing “the pain” within. So as it currently stands, dark thoughts and what have you mentality is something which the vocalist is forced to contend with.

“In my headspace
I’m feeding on the darkness and the bleeding of my heart
In my headspace
I go back to where it started when I hadn’t fallen apart yet
I can’t let go
The pain that I feel runs too deep
Always alone”

Release Date

“Headspace” is song No.5 on the playlist of “Toxic Positivity”. The track and its album were officially released on the same day, which is 19th May 2023.

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