Meaning of “Giving Up” by The Used

On “Giving Up”, the closing track on the playlist of “Toxic Positivity”, we witness The Used taking a completely-different approach to what the rest of the album has to offer. Bert McCracken starts off as he usually does, by dropping clever lyrics pointing to his depression. But this time around, the thesis sentiment revolves around the vocalist, now being “done with the misery” and overexaggerating the hardships in his life, vowing not to give up on himself. In other words, he isn’t going to allow negative thoughts to take over his being.

“And I’m done with the misery
Yeah, I’m done faking tragedies
‘Cause I’m not giving up on me
I’m not giving up on me
And from dirt even flowers grow
In the dark night the moon still glows
So I’m not giving up on me
I’m not giving up on me”

Release of “Giving Up”

“Giving Up” was released as the second single from The Used’s 2023 album titled, “Toxic Positivity”.

The song’s official release date is May 17 of 2023. Then on May 19, the band officially launched its album, a project that serves as their ninth studio release.

Giving Up

Readers’ Contributions to “Giving Up”

Below are some comments readers have shared with us in relation to the song, “Giving Up”:

Harper from San Diego, California says:

“Interestingly, whenever I am emotionally down, I get at least one of my favorite musicians releasing a new song to uplift my soul. This time around it’s none other than The Used with ‘Giving Up’. I feel like the song has an instant healing effect on me, lifting my spirits or inspiring me to overcome my challenges. Deep within, it has given me the confidence that I am capable of pushing through, and it reinforces that belief.

Many people claim that music has the power to save lives, and in my personal experience, they couldn’t have said it any better. I wonder how musicians are able to come up with lines like ‘Yesterday I woke up wanting to die’. That line sums up exactly how I felt before hearing ‘Giving Up’ for the first time. Such lyrics have a way of letting you feel whatever you are going through is not unusual. And like many others, you will also feel better. I hold deep affection for The Used and all other musicians who have consistently been there for me when I felt like I had nobody else. Your presence and the comfort your music brings me are things I will forever be grateful for.”

Ava Brighton from from Jefferson City, Missouri says:

“There’s something truly magical about The Used, especially Burt McCracken’s voice. I’ve been listening to the band since I was just 13 years old, and let me tell you, they’ve saved my life more times than I can count. Whenever I find myself in a tough situation, their songs have this incredible power to get me through. It’s like their music speaks directly to my soul, lifting me up and reminding me of my own strength.

I’ll never forget the first song I heard from them, ‘The Taste of Ink’. It was a game-changer. And now, here they are, standing the test of time with “Giving Up” that’s just as amazing. I can’t even begin to put into words what this band means to me. They’ve been my source of inspiration, and my rock. When I heard that they’re going to be playing at Douglass Park in Chicago, Illinois, at the Riot Fest in September, let me tell you, I was over the moon. The excitement coursing through my veins right now is indescribable. This show is everything to me, and there’s absolutely nothing in the world that could make me miss it. I am counting down the days, eagerly awaiting the moment when I can see them live, feel their music surround me, and be reminded once again of the incredible bond we share.”

Lucas from Derry, New Hampshire says:

“The Used has been my constant companion, walking alongside me through the painful struggles of my adolescent teenage years and the challenging journey of trying to navigate adulthood. And ‘Giving Up’ is the kind of beauty that I’ve been longing for. It’s like a surge of energy that I desperately needed. This song, along with others on the ‘Toxic Positivity’, has reignited my belief that it might just be the album to surpass ‘Imaginary Enemy’, my favorite album from them. It feels like they’ve returned to their pure, authentic style that captivated me back then. I missed that.

I can’t wait to delve deeper into this album, savoring every track and experiencing the emotions they evoke. The Used has always been known for their ability to emotionally connect with their listeners, and I’m grateful to witness their artistic evolution and rediscover the essence that drew me to them in the first place.”

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