Meaning of “Dopamine” by The Used

The title of this song (“Dopamine”), all lyrics considered, can be taken as sarcastic in nature. But what it all boils down to, most simply interpreted, is how the vocalist has grown accustomed to being in a relationship with a toxic partner and also being a drug addict. In other words, it is from such experiences that he receives a dopamine rush. So even though neither of those scenarios are actually good for him, what’s being inferred here is that the thrill or surge he receives from them is what keeps Bert McCracken coming back for more.

“You’re like dopamine flooding my system
And I never listen to anything
Just like a sickness that doesn’t need fixing at all”

“Dopamine” is the seventh track on The Used’s 2023 album entitled “Toxic Positivity”. It was issued together with the entire album on May 19th.

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