Meaning of “Numb” by The Used

The Used’s “Numb” has a similar premise to “Worst I’ve Ever Been“, the track which precedes it on “Toxic Positivity”, with the vocalist once again recognizing that external forces are having a very-negative effect on his thinking. But this time around in response he has decided to go “numb”, as in excommunicate himself from the world, in a manner of speaking.

Or another way of explaining the titular term in context is as the vocalist, again similarly to “Worst I’ve Ever Been”, coming to the conclusion that he cannot rectify society’s fault. And as such, it would be better for him not “to give a f*-k about anything” rather been being the type of person who’s always fighting for some cause.

“I feel numb, numb
Does anybody else feel numb?
I feel numb, numb
Does anybody else feel numb?”

When was “Numb” released?

The song “Numb” serves as the second track and first single of the 2023 album “Toxic Positivity”. Said project represents the ninth studio release of The Used.

April 21 of 2023 is the date this track was officially made public.  

Writing Credits

According to the official information on Spotify, this song was composed by the following:

  • Robert McCracken
  • Rachel West
  • Joseph Bradfor
  • John Feldmann
  • Jepha Howard
  • Dan Whitesides


“After watching The Used’s performance at WWWY in 2022 at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds in Winchester, I became a devoted follower of their music. Among all the acts that took the stage, they stood out as the absolute best in my opinion. Drummer Dan Whitesides showcased exceptional talent, while Quinn Allman’s guitar skills were truly extraordinary. The entire band came together in a harmonious way. It was a beautiful experience. Given their incredible musicality, I am not at all surprised that they have now blessed us with this masterpiece of a song. Listening to ‘Numb’ makes me feel as though, even at 41 years old, Bert McCracken is still bursting with fervor and passion as though he has just started.”

– Meghan

“I thought The Used had faded into obscurity. But then, I stumbled upon a radio interview a few weeks ago that changed everything. In that interview, they spoke about “Numb,” and I couldn’t wait for its release. As soon as ‘Numb’ got officially released in April , I gave it a listen. And let me tell you, I’m ecstatic to say that they are still going strong.

The production, led by John Feldmann, was nothing short of impeccable. He truly brought out the best in the band’s performance, creating a sonic experience in my ears. I must give credit where it’s due, and that goes to the song’s composers. Their creative contributions are evident in every lyric. With this song, The Used have proven that they are far from finished. I’m grateful for their unwavering dedication to their craft, and I eagerly anticipate what they have in store for us in the years ahead.”

– Kojo Enoch

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