“Top of The World” by The Used

Serving as the ninth track on the playlist of “Toxic Positivity”, “Top of the World” can be considered the first and only actual love song found on the album. That is not to say that it is without its gloomy parts.  For instance, the verses are focused on the vocalist acknowledging that he is a less-than-ideal romantic partner. But he is making that observation against the backdrop of the addressee accepting him nonetheless. 

The usage of the titular phrase in the chorus can be taken as twofold. On one hand, it would be representative of the euphoria the vocalist feels as the recipient of the addressee’s love. And secondly, Bert McCracken being who he is, it serves as a metaphor in terms of him understanding how far he would fall if his sweetheart were to leave him.

“It’s a long way down
When you’re standing at the top of the world
Yeah, you take me to the top of the world
So don’t look down
‘Cause I’m standing at the top of the world”

Release Date of “Top of the World”

“Top of The World” hit the airways on 19th May 2023, as part of The Used’s “Toxic Positivity” album.

Top Of The World

So Much Vulnerability

“With this song, The Used effectively conveys a profound sense of vulnerability and self-doubt. The lyrics express the sentiment of feeling incomplete without someone special, which resonates deeply with me due to the absence of my 18-year-old son who recently enlisted in the military. Our bond is characterized by a powerful relationship built on love and trust, making it even more challenging for me as he ventures away from home for the first time. The inner struggles and insecurities I’m experiencing are beyond words. Nonetheless, amidst these emotions, I find a sense of gratitude and appreciation for his determination in pursuing his dreams. Until I am reunited with him, I will continue to find solace in listening to ‘Top Of The World’ by The Used, allowing it to console me and remind me of our unbreakable connection.”

– Janet Jean

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