“Worst I’ve Ever Been” by The Used

There’s a lot going on in this song, with “Worst I’ve Ever Been” serving as sort of an indirect social commentary. But what it all boils down to, most simply interpreted, is the vocalist having been negatively influenced by the world around him. 

And he has become so pessimistic that for instance he’s not privy to granting any “f*-king favors”, rather concluding that it’s up to respective individuals to fend for themselves. Or put alternatively, Bert is under the impression that the world is coming to an end. And his unfavorable character is such that he has concluded that a personal act of kindness on his part isn’t going to change that reality.

“Don’t ask me for no f–king favors
I’m not anybody’s go–amn savior
‘But you won’t carry me’
You’ll have to fend for yourself
No one can stop this wicked world from burning”

Release Date of “Worst I’ve Ever Been”

“Worst I’ve Ever Been” is the first song on the playlist of The Used’s ninth studio offering. Both album and song were made public on the same, which is May 19 of 2023.

“Toxic Positivity” was released via the record label, Big Noise. This project’s first single is titled “Numb”. This song was officially released on April 21 of 2023. A second single titled “Giving Up” was issued two days prior to the official launch of this album.

Worst I've Ever Been

Contributors’ Comments

“In an attempt to properly digest Nottingham Forest’s victory over Arsenal over the weekend, I opted to take a stroll around The City Ground last Sunday. However, during my walk, I accidentally dropped my phone, causing it to turn off. Upon restarting it, I stumbled upon an update announcing the release of ‘Worst I’ve Ever Been’ by The Used. Since that moment, I’ve been hooked on the song. It’s been quite some time since I last listened to any of their songs, and this particular one arrived at the perfect moment. It has brought a much-needed sense of refreshment to my music playlist, and I simply can’t stop listening to it.”

– Mc Abraham

“I need to introduce ‘Worst I’ve Ever Been’ to a number of people I know. I feel overwhelmed by all the negativity around me. This song depicts a state of self-destructive behavior, which perfectly describes the impact of drugs, violence, and a loss of hope in the face of misery and desolation. And that is the exact state I find some of my homies in. I have really done my best in trying to get them out of some terrible path but I guess there isn’t much I can do any more. For that reason, I have decided not to be a savior for them anymore. Like the song said ‘I’m not anybody’s goddamn savior‘. They would have to fend for themselves in a world that seems destined to burn.”

– Brian White

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