“I Hate Everybody” by The Used

In The Used’s “I Hate Everybody”, Bert McCracken portrays the role of what can be deemed an extreme introvert or recluse. Or, as relayed in the title, the character at hand “hate(s) everybody”. And what that means for example is that he’s not privy to falling in love as advised, rather preferring to find his satisfaction in life through drugs. 

And as appears to be a permeating theme throughout (the early part of) the “Toxic Positivity” album, Bert has decided to make an effort not to care about others anymore. But as inferred in the second verse, such a disposition serves as a way for the vocalist not to confront his past. Or let’s say it grants him the opportunity to hide himself from the less-than-ideal aspects of interpersonal relationships.

“All my friends are falling in love
But I can’t even fall asleep
They keep telling me love is a drug
But it’s a chemical that I need”

Release of “I Hate Everybody”

“I Hate Everybody” is the title of the third song on the tracklist of “Toxic Positivity”, a project that represents The Used’s ninth studio offering. This song and its album both share the same release date, i.e. 19th May 2023.

I Hate Everybody

Your Comments

“I don’t think I’m the only one who relates perfectly with ‘I Hate Everybody’. I believe many others can relate as well. It’s incredible how The Used consistently release songs that become the literal soundtrack of my life.

As a 37-year-old single woman, the line ‘All my friends are falling in love and I can’t even fall asleep‘ perfectly captures my reality. It’s like they took my thoughts and put them into words. I can’t help but admire The Used for their approach to songwriting. They understand that music is more than just melodies and beats—it’s about connecting with people. Songs should have meanings that touch our hearts and souls and this band is doing just that. In a world where superficial and shallow content often dominates, The Used stands out with ‘I Hate Everybody’.” 

– Miss Emily

“‘I Hate Everybody’ speaks to me and delves into my feeling of disconnect and frustration amidst a world where love seems to be abundant for everyone else, but me. Sometimes I feel isolated, making it seem like I hate everybody as portions of the lyrics say, but I really don’t hate anyone. I just hate my situation. What I love about this song is its ability to offer me an outlet for the complex and conflicting emotions of loneliness, frustration, and the search for love, making me feel like I’m not the only one in this situation.”

– Chloe Becker

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