“Class Fight” by Melanie Martinez

The song “Class Fight”, like the rest of Melanie Martinez’s critically acclaimed “K-12” album, is placed in a school setting. More specifically to the narrative contained on this track, the singer finds herself in love with a boy who is already involved with someone else. Thus Melanie becomes “jelly”, which is a slang word for jealous. 

She is confused about the matter and accordingly consults her parents for advice. And basically they tell her not to give up. Indeed Martinez’s father takes it a step further by even encouraging her to “go for the throat”. Thus she goes about dealing with the situation by attacking this girl and beating her bloody. This is obviously where the titular “class fight” came from. 

However, things do not materialize as idealized. Melanie fails to achieve her goal. And why? Simply because her “one true love”, i.e. the boy Melanie is infatuated with who is the girl’s boyfriend, now considers Martinez to be “a monster”. But at the end of the day, it seems as if she has derived a sense of satisfaction from thrashing her rival in this love triangle.

Lyrics of "Class Fight"

Tease and Release Date of “Class Fight”

Melanie Martinez first teased the release of “Class Fight” on the 8th day of August 2019. She then proceeded to release the song on the 6th of the following month. The release was made possible through multiple labels, one of which was Atlantic Records.

Album Appearance

“Class Fight” appears as the 2nd track on Melanie’s second album, which she titled “K-12”. This track wasn’t released as a single. And talking about singles, “K-12” wasn’t preceded nor promoted by any singles. Despite this, the album was a success. Below are some other prominent tracks on “K-12”:

Did Melanie Martinez write “Class Fight”?

“Class Fight” was written by Melanie in collaboration with the song’s producer, M. Keenan. As a matter of fact she and Keenan co-wrote all the songs featured on “K-12”.

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4 Responses

  1. Mia says:

    I’m a little lost because isn’t crybaby’s dad technically dead as in portrayed in sippy cup?

  2. Alyna says:

    Melanie Martinez is a terrible influence on young girls.

    • Lin says:

      No she’s not. I stared listening to her when I was 8. she’s taught me morals and lessons and letting me know that I’m perfect the way I am and now I’m letting my sister listen to her So she doesn’t grow up believing that she needs to change herself for anyone. I feel like young girls should listen to her. Her songs may be dark but at least they’re true and real unlike all the actual bad influences that are on the radio nowadays. Believe what you want but Melanie Martinez is like a wise older sister that teaches you that you’re perfect the way you are and some actual problems that need to be fixed. 😀

  3. Ash says:

    In the film k-12, Kelly was the only person with a knife and was cutting crybaby so wouldn’t verse 2 be Kelly’s POV.
    Just a theory.

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