Melanie Martinez’s “Orange Juice” Lyrics Meaning

In “Orange Juice”, the singer is addressing a friend with bulimia. As with the rest of the “K-12” album, the story line is set in what would appear to be a high school. And in this high school both the addressee and Melanie Martinez are students. But the gist of it is the songstress being distressed by her friend’s tendency to “turn oranges to orange juice”, as in habitually consume solid foods and then thrown it up, i.e. bulimic tendencies. 

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And apparently, the reason said associate has developed such habits is due to her not considering herself attractive. Thus, outside of blasting the aforementioned routine, Melanie spends a considerable amount of time trying to assure her that, in reality, there is absolutely nothing wrong with her looks.

Lyrics of "Orange Juice"

Release of “Orange Juice”

“Orange Juice” was released on 6 September 2019 as part of Melanie Martinez’s album “K-12”. Its publishers are Atlantic Records and the Warner Music Group.

And by the way, Melanie first teased this track on the first day of September 2019.

Writing Credits for “Orange Juice”

The lyrics are the result of another collaborative effort between Melanie and songwriter/producer Micheal Kennan. The the latter also served as the track’s producer. Actually Kennan co-wrote all the tracks on “K-12”.

Was “Orange Juice” released as a single?

No. None of the 13 songs on “K-12” was released as an official single. Simply put, the album wasn’t supported or backed by any single releases.

Outstanding Track

“Orange Juice” is one of the most well-known tracks on “K-12”. It’s not clear exactly why. Probably it’s because many can relate to its lyrics. Other popular tracks from the album include:

This isn’t Martnez’s first Eating Disorder Song

This is not the first time Melanie has made a song that deals with eating disorders. For example, her 2015 track “Sippy Cup” also delves into this topic. Many feel that Melanie herself or certain people close to her suffer from this disorder. Hence her fascination with the subject.

That said, it should be noted that as of the date of the publication of this article, there’s no evidence that suggest Melanie suffers or suffered from an eating disorder.

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    I know I’m a BTS fan but I love Melanie she’s cool

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    I just love melanie’s songs and they have so much meaning <3

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    im a bts fan (a.k.a an army) but i also love mel! they need to do a collab

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    her songs have so much meaning i love it! <3

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    tbh this song reminds me of how my friend struggles with this,its a really good song <3

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    this is pretty good it helps me remember I’m perfect just the way I am

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    She truly is inspiring and i love how she choses to spread awearness and support through her songs a true creative inspiration!!!

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    Mel really shows how perfect you actually are even on your bad days.

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    this dude needs to be respectful a lot of people struggle with eating disorders and hes being rude

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    I wonder what instruments were used in it

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