“Detention” by Melanie Martinez

Singer Melanie Martinez is dealing with a couple of issues in her song “Detention”. As with her famed “K-12” project in general, she uses the motif of being a student in high school to get her points across. And here, she is speaking to the fact of how certain people have a tendency to (mis)judge others based on their dispositions. 

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In other words, they may interpret states such as exhaustion, boredom or aggravation as instead being a bad attitude or something of the sort. And she levies this charge specifically against teachers. However, the title is not based solely on their tendency to wrongfully penalize students, i.e. by placing them in “detention”. Rather “detention”, as defined in this track, also speaks to the mental captivity, if you will, that an individual suffers when they are compelled to ‘pretend everything’s alright’. Thus the insinuation is that Martinez and her fellow students are in a perpetual state of “detention”, even when they are not being forthrightly reprimanded.

Lyrics of "Detention"

Release Date of “Detention”

This song was first teased on 9 July 2019, a couple of months before it was actually dropped.

Its official release date was 6 September 2019 as a feature on Melanie Martinez’s second album, “K-12”. And both song and album are the products of a collaborative effort between Atlantic Records and the iconic Warner Music.

Was “Detention” a single?

No. That said, it’s vital to take note of the fact that none of the songs from “K-12” was released as a single. So in effect, “K-12” came out without the support of any single releases. Despite this, the album performed was a commercial success.


This track, as with the rest of “K-12”, was produced by music producer Michael Keenan. He also served as a co-writer of “Detention” along with Melanie Martinez.

Does “Detention” appear in the “K-12” film?

Yes. The hit songs “High School Sweethearts” and “Wheels on the Bus” are other tracks that are featured in the aforementioned film. Actually all the songs on Melanie’s “K-12” album also appear in the “K-12” film. And what’s more, Melanie herself appears in the film, playing the role of a character named Cry Baby.

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  1. kaylei says:

    wow i never knew thanks for telling

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yea Melanie has some awesome songs I thought that had different meanings like copycat like someone was cheating on her, but it really meant that timothy Heller accused Mel of raping Heller and she was talking about someone being rude and horrible and taking her identity.

  3. Fei Fei says:

    thx I never knew that, and I love her song my favorite IS detention

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wow, thanks for telling me, I always thought that the meaning of this song was that the teachers wanted to rape the student’s for some reason. I guess I was wrong for 3 years then. Anyways I am glad that I finally know the real meaning of this song, thank you!

  5. abi the pizza roll says:

    is dramaclub on here

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