“Commercial” by Lil Baby (ft. Lil Uzi Vert)

Content-wise Lil Baby’s “Commercial” is more or less your average introductory-type rap song. That means that most of the lyrics are dedicated to the vocalists touting what would be their superiority in terms of the particular cultural perspective they are coming from. For instance, Lil Baby portrays himself as someone who is basically a womanizer, though he does spend big cash on his main squeeze. 

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Meanwhile Lil Uzi Vert also lets it be known he likes women and dedicates quite a few bars to his impressive wealth. Most outstandingly on his verse is that he gives a shoutout to legendary athlete Kobe Bryant, who tragically passed away the month before this song was released. 

Meanwhile the track’s verse, which is held down by Baby, has him stating that now that he has experienced success he has no intent of “going back” to the ‘hood, so to speak. Indeed along that same vein, the title of the track is based on accusations people have made against the rapper in terms of him becoming “commercial”, basically meaning he has sold out.  But again, despite such criticisms he has no desire to let up his pursuit of even bigger success or to get into any type of senseless beef. 

So in a way we can say that the central theme of this song is the artists’ work ethic. But their lyrical focus is definitely more on the results than the process.

Lyrics of "Commercial"

Release Date of “Commercial”

This track came out on 28 February 2020 as part of Baby’s second-studio album, “My Turn”.  The labels behind it are Motown Records and Quality Control Music.

Writing Credits

The team that wrote this song includes Baby and Uzi Vert as well as the track’s four producers. They are: Tay Keith, Fabio Aguillarr, Keanu Beats and Twysted Genius.

Is this Lil Baby’s first collaboration with Uzi Vert?

No. Baby and Uzi have collaborated in the past, on Baby’s 2018 track “Life Goes On”.

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