“Social Distancing” by Lil Baby

In this particular song, Lil Baby is speaking on the subject of “social distancing”. This is a term which has become internationally-popular in recent months as an ideological mode of operation whereas individuals are supposed to keep a certain amount of distance between themselves and others in the name of staving off the spread of the coronavirus.  And when Baby starts the song, he does allude to that idea in terms of his interactions with a certain female. 

But as the track progresses, “social distancing” begins to take on a different meaning. And what it boils down to, as far as the rapper is concerned, is rather not getting too close to certain individuals. This includes some of his own associates who may be less than trustworthy characters. 

So on top of, as expected, alluding to his wealth, interactions with women and violent tendencies, Baby also gets a bit philosophical on this track. And what that philosophy boils down to is Baby espousing the idea that in the midst of blowing up, it is also wise to not get too comfortable with certain individuals.

Writing Credits

Baby had assistance writing “Social Distancing” in the form of the track’s producers. And the aforementioned producers are Section 8 and Chi Chi.


QC Music and 4PF released this track 1 May 2020. It came out as part of the Deluxe Edition of Baby’s second album, which is entitled “My Turn”.

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