“Cry for Me” by Camila Cabello

In “Cry for Me”, singer Camila Cabello is addressing her ex-boyfriend. And as the title implies, she wants him to shed tears. This is due to the fact that since the breakup, succinctly put she still has feelings for him. In fact the implication is that she never actually fell out of love. Moreover when they did part ways, she was under the impression that he would not be able to successfully move on, despite her overtly expressing hopes to the contrary.  But instead he appears to be completely content in a new relationship, while she is suffering from romantic loneliness. And accordingly, Camila wants him to experience the same type of emotional turmoil that she is going through. 

And whereas it may sound as if she’s being petty and resentful, evidently (as mentioned earlier) at the foundation of this discourse is the fact that she still loves him.

Lyrics of "Cry for Me"

“Cry for Me” is Autobiographical

This song is based on an actual relationship Camila Cabello was in. However, that was when she was 16-years old. And as of the release of this song on 4 October 2019, the songstress is 22 years old.

From Camila’s “Romance” Album

“Cry for Me” is one of the track’s on Camila Cabello’s second album “Romance”. The labels behind the project are Epic Records and Syco Music.

“Romance” also produced the singles “Liar” and “Shameless“.

Writing and Production

This song was produced by Louis Bell and Frank Dukes.

They also co-wrote the lyrics along with Camila Cabello and Ryan Tedder (of OneRepublic fame).

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