“Bad Kind of Butterflies” by Camila Cabello

Perhaps the easiest way to interpret “Bad Kind of Butterflies” is as it being a breakup song. Sometimes when a person gets extremely nervous, said individual is said to have butterflies in their stomach. And that is the sensation that the singer is currently experiencing. In fact she has the “bad, bad, bad kind of butterflies”. This alludes to her having “something to hide” which she is reluctant, indeed even fearful, to share with the person who is demanding to know this information. And that person, i.e., the addressee, would be her current boyfriend. For what it is that she has to conceal is the fact that she’s been messing around with another dude. This wasn’t her intention, as it was merely a friendship which evolved into a romance. 

But that being known, another reason why she is experiencing inner turmoil is that in addition to revealing this to her boyfriend, she is also basically dumping him also. Or another way of looking at it is that she doesn’t state any intention to stop seeing the other guy, as well as admitting that he is ‘stuck in her head’. So if nothing else, we can say that the songstress is at least sympathetic. She has a boyfriend but has fallen in love with another guy, even doing romantic things with him in the process. But the way the story plays out, in addition to the “bad kind of butterflies” in her stomach, indicate that she is in any event concerned for the emotional wellbeing of her current, official lover.

Lyrics of “Bad Kind of Butterflies”

Facts about “Bad Kind of Butterflies”

“Bad Kind of Butterflies” is one of the songs from Camila Cabello’s “Romance” album. And it was released with the album, a collaborative effort between Syco Records and Epic Records, on 6 December 2019.

This project is said to be based on Camila Cabello’s real-life experiences. And in that regard, “Bad Kind of Butterflies” is one of the songs on the album that is the easiest to decipher. That is the addressee would likely be Matthew Hussey, a “relationship expert” whom Camila dated for about a year and-a-half. She and Matthew broke up in June of 2019. And it is that selfsame month which, according to the web, Cabello started dating her long-time associate, Shawn Mendes. In fact rumors had been swirling for a long time prior, due primarily to the nature of their working relationship, that Shawn and Camila were an item.

A few artists served as both co-writers and co-producers of “Bad Kind of Butterflies”. They are German, DJ Hardwerk, Jordan K. Johnson and Stefan Johnson (the latter two of The Monsters & Strangerz ).

The other producers are Jeremy Levin, Greg Golterman, David Silberstein, DJ Hardwerk, Christian Johnson and the entire The Monsters & Strangerz collective. And the additional co-writers are Camila Cabello, Lindsay Mavelle Gilbert, Crystal Nicole, and Ali Tamposi.

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