“Should’ve Said It” by Camila Cabello

It’s safe to say that one of the most-frustrating romantic experiences a guy can endure is falling for a particular lady yet not taking advantage of the ripe time to secure her. And that is the reality Camila Cabello is singing to on her song “Should’ve Said It”, though she is doing so from the perspective of the female in that scenario. Or put otherwise she is telling the addressee, a former romantic interest, that he “should’ve said” he actually liked her when he had the opportunity to in fact be with her, i.e. when she was single.  Rather he let the chance pass him by, and the after results are what are being detailed in this song. 

But there is more to the lyrics than that. For example, it is implied, in a roundabout way, that Camila may have actually been involved with the addressee in the past. Or let’s say there was a time when she was interested in him, and apparently he knew so. However, he seemingly abused her feelings, as in shrugged her off. So to make a long story short, now that he is finally ready to seriously commit, she has rather moved on to someone else. 

Indeed the pleasure she derives from her new lover has made her more or less forget about the addressee. And there is definitely some lingering feelings of animosity she harbors against him due to the way he treated her in the past. For now she is throwing it in his face that not only is she doing it with another guy but also that he could have had her but wasted the occasion.

Lyrics of "Should've Said It"

Is this song about Shawn Mendes?

It has been speculated, of course, that the addressee of this track is actually music superstar Shawn Mendes, whom Camila is actively dating at the time of the release of “Should’ve Said It”. However, such a postulation doesn’t necessarily make sense considering that at the end of the day he did in fact end up with Miss Cabello.

Quick Facts about “Should’ve Said It”

The trio of Frank Dukes, Nate Mercereau and Ricky Reed produced this track.

And they are also credited as co-writers along with Louis Bell, Watt, Ali Tamposi and Camila Cabello.

This track was released, by Epic Records and Syco Records, on 6 December 2019 as part of Camila Cabello’s album “Romance”.

Did Camila Cabello release “Should’ve Said It” as a single?

No. Her “Romance” album produced only the following six singles:

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