“D4L” by Drake, Future & Young Thug

The best way to describe “D4L” is as a braggadocious track because most of the lyrics are dedicated to the artists reveling in their wealth. But there are a couple of secondary themes also. For instance, the rappers interactions with women are amply expounded upon. And in that regard, as fans of Drake, Future and Young Thug already know, the primary focus is how much ladies are infatuated with them. But furthermore they also drop a couple of allusions to female getting intoxicated and using drugs and in the latter regard not in the partying type of sense that one would expect.

Meanwhile the second subtheme is centered on the artists giving shoutouts to their respective labels, i.e. the ones that they founded themselves. In the case of Drizzy that would be “OVO” or “October’s Own” as he refers to it in the second verse. Meanwhile Future is repping “Freebrand” (Freebrandz Gang) or “FBG” as it is sometimes referred to, while Young Thugz’s label is “YSL”, otherwise known as Young Stoner Life. 

What’s the meaning of “D4L”?

The title of this song is actually a shoutout to another rap crew known as D4L, whose heyday was back some 15 years ago. However, it is not clear exactly why Drake & co. decided to name the track after them.

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