“Sup Mate” by Young Thug (ft. Future)

“Sup Mate” features bad boy homeys Young Thug and Future in all of their debauched glory. That is to say that “Sup Mate’ is a celebration of their common lifestyle, which is highlighted by constant interactions with women, illegal activities and public displays of wealth.

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The term “mate”, as found in the title and throughout the chorus, points to the fact that Young and Future are actually buddies. And they support each other lyrically throughout the track. This features them basically trading rhymes related to one of the four aforementioned topics. Moreover, considering that these are the same subjects that they always rap about, you can say that the underlying purpose of “Sup Mate” is not to once again remind the audience that they are rich, criminally-minded playas.  Rather the challenge is for them to harp on these same subjects yet using fresh language, as in new metaphors pointing to these same ideas.

However, if one listens closely, there can be occasional, terse deviations from the prevailing subject matter. For instance, at one point Future references himself taking care of (as in monetarily enriching) his moms and brothers. But if a listener is not naturally inclined to appreciate tracks centered on lavish wealth, wild behavior and graphic bedroom fun references, then “Sup Mate” is not for them. Indeed this song stays true to the type of content these artists, who once again are regular collaborators, have released throughout the years.

Lyrics of "Sup Mate"

Future and Young Thug’s Collaboration

This isn’t the pair’s first time working together. Since first teaming up on Young Thug’s 2014 track “DI$Function”, Thugga and Future have been regular collaborators. Indeed they released a  mixtape together entitled “Super Slimey” in 2016 and, as of the release of “Sup Mate”, are working on its sequel.

Release of “Sup Man”

“Sup Man” was released by multiple record labels, including Atlantic Records on 16 August 2019. It is part of Young Thug’s first ever solo-studio album. That album goes by the title So Much Fun. The album also produced other famous tracks such as the following:

Writing and Production of “Sup Mate”

Two music producers are credited with producing “Sup Mate”. The first is ATL Jacob. Producer DY Krazy is the second.

Both producers (Jacob and Krazy) also contributed to the writing of its lyrics in conjunction with Young Thug and of course Future.

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    I feel like the good ghost writers had-to-have been fired or quit. Cause you can hear it in the lyrics… Like the quality or subject matter…. Just saying we can hear it.

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