“Life is Good” by Future (ft. Drake)

As expected with a song featuring outstanding rappers like Future and Drake, the lyricism is impressive and the metaphors colorful. But as also to be anticipated for the most part they only allude to a few of basic, well-recognized concepts. One is that the artists are on top of their game. And this is manifest not only in their ridiculous wealth – which they drop quite a few details about – but also their ability to tout their standing in the face of doubters and haters. 

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In fact one of the most-outstanding lines of the track is when Drake references his beef with Pusha T by stating that whereas he was ‘caught slipping’, as in being off-guard, once, there’s little possibility of such losses becoming the norm. 

And to a lesser extent, the other themes of this song are the artists’ access to women and also, with Future especially, drugs, including in the sense of insinuating that he is a dealer. But again, the most-pressing subject matter is indeed the vocalists’ riches. 


So if nothing else, what the listener is likely to take away from this song is that both Future and Drake are indeed living a good life. And this is due to the large amounts of money at their disposal and the various pleasures they decide to spend it on.

Facts about “Life is Good”

The music video to this song was helmed by Director X. It features cameos from the likes of Lil Yachty, 21 Savage and Mike Will Made-It.

“Life Is Good” was released by Epic Records as a standalone single on 10 January 2020.

The producers of this track are OZ, D. Hill and Ambezza, who all officially assisted Future and Drake in writing “Life Is Good” also.

Is this Future’s first collaboration with Drake?

No. Both rappers have an extensive collaboration history dating back to 2011. In fact they dropped an entire mixtape together in 2015 entitled “What a Time to Be Alive”.

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