“Do It Like” by Young Thug Ft. Future

There are a number of topics being discussed in the song “Do It Like” by rappers Young Thug and Future. Amongst these topics are alcoholic beverages, the artists’ relationships with women and of course their wealth. 

However, unlike many other hip-hop tunes where rappers like to present themselves as being totally in control of the game, in this one Young Thug and Future lament that their lavish lifestyle is resulting in them perpetually taking out “another loan”. Or perhaps lament is not the correct word, for in the course of continually collecting debt they are also enjoying designer clothes, expensive cars and the baddest b**ches.

Quick Facts about “Do It Like”

  • The track was officially released on 17 December 2018.
  • It was produced by Wheezy in collaboration with TM88.
  • This isn’t the first time Young Thug and Future have worked together. They also collaborated on an entire mixtape called “Super Slimey” in 2017.
  • Young Thug and Future are more than regular collaborators. They are actually very close friends (at least as of the time “Do It Like” was released. Thug and Future are so close they even have tattoos of each other’s names imprinted on their bodies.

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