“In These Walls” by Machine Gun Kelly

The addressee of “In These Walls” reads as if she is both ethereal and physical at the same time. In other words, it is she who is “in these walls”. And said “walls” is actually a reference to Machine Gun Kelly’s home. And the way he comes off in the first verse is as if this entity is there even when she is not, sort of like a spirit who can ‘walk straight through his walls’. Or another way of looking at the scenario is that whereas this lady may not be physically present, she is constantly on MGK’s mind.

Indeed it is implied later in the song that their relationship may be on the rocks. Thus the rapper dedicates a considerable amount of bars to powerfully illustrating how he is in fact committed to her, even onto death. So despite the strong spiritual undertone, the easiest way to describe “In These Walls” is as a love song. And yes, there are mixed emotions being expressed throughout. For instance, in the chorus, which to some extent contradict the verses, MGK is coming off as if he very much wants their relationship to end. But either way, at the end of the day the underlying sentiment is that he is too deeply vested in this individual emotionally to actually let her go.

Lyrics of "In These Walls"

Facts about “In These Walls”

MGK wrote “In These Walls”. And the producers of the track are WavyDuder alongside BazeXX & SlimXX.

This track was released on April 2020. It is part of a project MGK is working on called “Lockdown Sessions”, which are tracks he is recording while concurrently isolating himself due to the 2020 pandemic.

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  1. Melinda Bowe says:

    This song has to be about hero*n

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s either coke or addys

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