Meaning of “5150” by Machine Gun Kelly  

“5150” is a term from California law which stands for an involuntary psychiatric hold. It’s basically when someone’s considered a danger to themselves or others due to a mental health condition. MGK uses this term as a way to touch on his own mental health struggles.

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The song begins with MGK describing how he’s on the edge, really going through it, and possibly close to making a regrettable decision. The mention of “a few sips from pulling the trigger” and “having you be my gravedigger” is quite intense, hinting at self-destructive behavior.

He then urges someone (maybe a loved one) to stay away from him, suggesting he’s dangerous and doesn’t want to harm them or himself.

In the chorus, he admits to being “crazy” and “damaged”, using the “5150” term to emphasize his unstable mental state. He seems to feel trapped, and while there’s a plea for help, there’s also a resignation like “Please don’t fix me.”

MGK continues by admitting he’s had a hard time, romanticizing bad choices, feeling stuck, and seeking revenge or balance.

The song has another part where he urges someone to get away from him, showing his internal battle and the desire to protect others from his struggles.

Then, there’s a part where he confronts himself and admits some of his flaws: jealousy, being heartless, and narcissism.

Towards the end, the “52 cards” and “queen of hearts” lines might symbolize the unpredictability and chaos of life or his emotions, while still acknowledging the allure or attraction he has.

In a nutshell

“5150” is MGK’s raw take on his mental health battles. He acknowledges his struggles, his flaws, and the impact they might have on those around him. It’s a song about internal conflict, seeking understanding, and trying to navigate complex emotions.

When was “5150” released?

On 25th March, 2022, “5150” was released as part of MGK’s sixth album, “mainstream sellout”.

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