“Born with Horns” by Machine Gun Kelly

MGK confirms in the bridge that the title of this song (“Born with Horns”) is indeed meant to allude to the concept of him being “the devil’s spawn”. But as presented, this isn’t a designation he has chosen for himself but rather one that has been cast upon him. Or viewed from a different angle, the vocalist is so countercultural, “a freak” as Kelly puts it, that he has been demonized, or something like that.  In reality this song is very poetic as compared to MGK’s usual fare. 

What he seems to be saying more comprehensively, as relayed in the second verse, is that on top of his naturally rebellious nature, being a successful entertainer has also led to Machine Gun making deals with the devil, so to speak.

So considering what has also been put forth concerning this track in the latter part of this article, this can be deemed as the signature track from “Mainstream Sellout”. That is to say that MGK is actually describing, unapologetically of course, how he developed his well-known dark character.

Machine Gun Kelly, "Born with Horns" Lyrics

Facts about “Born with Horns”

“Born with Horns” is one of the tracks to be found on Machine Gun Kelly’s album “Mainstream Sellout”. The album in question was released through Interscope Records and Bad Boy Records on 25 March 2022. 

Originally this was intended to be the title song for said project, to the point that MGK and Travis Barker actually got said phrase “born with horns” tattooed on their arms. Then, it seems that MGK intended to drop one LP under this title and then another later in 2022. But sometime around late January, he opted to change the name of this very album to “Mainstream Sellout” instead of “Born with Horns”.

The reason MGK and Travis got those tattoos as mentioned above is because for the past couple of years they’ve been regular collaborators, in addition to being close friends. For instance, both are credited as the producers and co-writers of this song, with Barker furthermore playing the drums therein. 

To note, Travis also worked extensively with Machine Gun on the latter’s previous studio album, “Tickets to My Downfall” (2020).

The other co-writer of this song is another regular MGK collaborator known as Dark Waves.

The chorus of this track features similar lyrics to those found in the interlude of another song from Mainstream Sellout entitled “Twin Flames“.

Born with Horns

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