“Don’t Go Yet” by Camila Cabello

On Camila Cabello’s “Don’t Go Yet”, as you have likely already presumed, the singer is addressing her romantic interest. And what she is telling him, as revealed by the title, is that he shouldn’t go yet. Moreover, the way the story is presented is that there is a major reason she’s feeling this way. And the said primary reason will be because they don’t get to be with each other, in the very least in a private sort of way, that often – “for months” even. 

So in that meantime, she is fantasizing about how the perfect evening would go once they are able to hookup.

However when that time does indeed arrive, instead of being enraptured in the moment like herself the addressee, i.e. the vocalist’s lover, is rushing to catch a flight. So that’s why she’s entreating him to spend more time. And whereas this request does read as if it is in part sexual, more to the point would simply be that she misses him.

And yes, all lyrics considered, it would be reasonable to postulate that maybe, just maybe Cabello is alluding to the relationship with her real-life boyfriend at the time, Shawn Mendes. But how so? That’s because logic would dictate that since they are successful pop musicians with their own separate careers, then it’s very much likely that they spend extended periods of time away from each other.

Lyrics to "Don’t Go Yet" by Camila Cabello

Facts about “Don’t Go Yet”

This track was made public by Sony Music Entertainment and Epic Records on 23 July 2021. It is actually Camila Cabello’s first release of the year. 

And as an interesting side rumor, some have speculated that she decided to come out with a song at this time for an interesting reason. The said reason is to counteract the release of  “Wild Side“, the first single that her former Fifth Harmony bandmate, Normani, also put out during 2021, about a week prior to “Don’t Go Yet”. 

And it was also around the time of the release of Normani’s song that Camila first teased this track.

As another potentially-related side note, shortly before the release of this track Camila Cabello was photographed out in the public along with Shawn Mendes, the fellow pop star she’s been dating since mid-2019.

On the night of its release, Camila Cabello is scheduled to perform this song on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Don’t Go Yet

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