“My Oh My” by Camila Cabello (ft. DaBaby)

Camila Cabello’s “My Oh My” is based on the singer falling in love with a bad boy. Overall, he is depicted as the type of individual whom no caring parent would want their daughter to be dating. That is to say that he is only into his relationship with the singer for “one thing”, which would be bedroom fun. But more to the point is the fact that so is the singer herself. Or let’s say that the main thing that attracts her to him is his physical appeal. 

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So, if even only for a night, she wants to throw off her traditional “good girl” persona and rather hook up for an intimate evening with this dude. And said dude is portrayed by rapper DaBaby. And from the onset he states that in dealing with him, he is going to encourage her to forsake “what she learned from her daddy”, as in her sensual reservations. Indeed she has absolutely no plans of ever taking this guy to actually meet her father anyway. But overall he doesn’t come off like a hardcore playa per se but rather someone who is ready to heavily invest in this woman who has caught his eye. Yet that being said, his motives with her are primarily sensual in nature. But as stated earlier so are her motives with him.

Lyrics of “My Oh My”

Quick Facts

“My Oh My” is the first time that Camila Cabello has collaborated with DaBaby, a rapper from Cleveland who at the time is one of the hottest up-and-coming artists in the game.

“My Oh My” was released, along with the rest of Camila Cabello’s album “Romance”, on 6 December 2019.  The labels behind the project are Syco Records alongside Epic Records.

DaBaby and Camila Cabello wrote this tune in conjunction with Ant Clemons, Louis Bell, Savan Kotecha and the track’s producer, Frank Dukes.

7 Responses

  1. Rose says:

    I love the song so much like it’s one of my favorites!!!

  2. unknown says:

    its all got a dirty meaning behind it -unknown

  3. UNKNOWN says:

    I have one question on the song… is the song about sex???

    • Anonymous says:

      pretty much

      • Claire says:

        It’s technically not about a bad boy. Camila once said in an interview “ the album is not really about boys tho. So yea the rap part is about sex. But in my opinion the other parts of the song is not tho I don’t think?! Lol

  4. Rearbear says:

    Tbh I don’t think this song is actually about a boy cus it’s in the album romance and Camila once said In an interview “the album is not really about boys tho” she said which means this song could be about someone but not a boy perhaps to say. On the other hand when Dababy sang his part of the song I read the lyrics and technically it has many of the pronouns of she/her. So what I’m trying to say it could be about a girl but her mother doesn’t want her with a bad boy. I think the pronouns he/him r basically referred to she/her. Please don’t go after me this is m opinion.

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