“Feel It Twice” by Camila Cabello

In “Feel It Twice”, Camila Cabello seems to be addressing an ex-boyfriend. It is revealed that this individual ‘let her go’, as in dumped her. But apparently he has come to regret this decision he made “two years ago” and now wants to get back with her. However, she is not privy to “feel it twice”, as in give her heart to this person once more just to be disappointment yet again. But this is not to say that she enjoys being separated from him. In fact a contrary sentiment is expressed, with the singer being disturbed by the anguish he is experiencing due to his loneliness and her moving on to a new man. 

Or another way of looking at it is that she has restricted the addressee to the friend zone. However, due to the previous romantic nature of their relationship, as well as those type of emotions still being present, it doesn’t seem like the two of them just being friends is a realistic option. So now they are drifting apart, which is another factor that is making Camila upset. 

So this song has been described as the singer being “stuck in a love triangle”, which sounds like a pretty accurate description. She has broken up with one guy and moved onto another. And whereas she doesn’t want to go back to her ex, it has nothing to do with her feelings for him personally as she is obviously, to some degree, still in love with him. Rather it is this perceived strong possibility of him misusing her love, as he had done in the past, which has made her decide to permanently move on.

Lyrics of “Feel It Twice”

Facts about “Feel It Twice”

F. Dukes and M. Tavares produced “Feel It Twice”, and they are also amongst the writers of this song.

The other writers, in addition to Camila Cabello, are A. Allen, L. Bell and T. Paxton-Beesley.

“Feel It Twice” was released on 6 December 2019 as part of Camila Cabello’s album “Romance”, which was published by Syco Records and Epic Records.

Camila Cabello has insinuated that the emotions expressed on this track is something she has felt “in real life”. However, it is not clear which one of her past relationships it may be pointing to. However, based on simple logic, Shawn Mendes cannot be the addressee as she is pretty much freshly dating him at the time this track was released.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Umm she wrote this song about shawn and how she felt about him before they started to date, cause this song isn’t about an ex-lover it’s about having feelings to someone was her friend for a long time

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