Eminem’s “Darkness” Lyrics Meaning

The titular “darkness” is a metaphor – or let’s say a personification – of the mental issues which the narrator of this song is dealing with. That is to say he likens it to a “close friend”. And said mental issues can be classified as depression, loneliness and whichever way the reader wishes to categorize an individual who is compelled to commit a mass murder. 

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More specifically, Eminem is portraying the role of Stephen Paddock (1953-2017) – a name you may be familiar with as being the perpetrator of the infamous Las Vegas Strip shooting of 2017. So basically, the lyrics of this song are Slim’s interpretation of the thought processes he feels must have been going through Paddock’s head leading up to and during the shooting. And apparently, at least based on the climax to this song’s music video, he is doing so as some sort of public service announcement. And in that PSA, he is encouraging the public to get involved in updating gun laws in the United States accordingly. 

But we also know that Eminem’s has had an affinity for such characterizations throughout his entire career. So on one hand this may well be his roundabout way of sympathizing with the victims of mass shootings. But on another, he is treading the familiar waters of depicting himself as some type of deranged, murderous individual.

Lyrics of "Darkness"

Writing/Productiton Credits

Eminem, as well as Luis Resto and Royce da 5’9”, had a hand in both writing and producing this track. And the other writer is Julmar A. P. Simons.

Release Date of “Darkness”

“Darkness” was released as a single, alongside its music video. And the album it is featured on, Eminem’s “Music to Be Murdered By”. It’s release date was 17 January 2020. And the label that put it out is Interscope Records.

FYI, on “Music to Be Murdered By” also appear the following notable tracks:

The Sound of Silence

“Darkness” heavily interpolates/samples Simon & Garfunkel’s 1964 hit song “The Sound of Silence“.

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