“Premonition (Intro)” by Eminem

“Premonition” is meant to set the tone for the album it is introducing, Eminem’s “Music to Be Murdered By”. Said project is largely based on the rapper lashing out at his enemies. And accordingly the titular “premonition” is apparently one which features his rivals’ “souls floating away like feathers in the wind”. This is a clever metaphor pointing to the idea of them being murdered, if you will. 

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However, such is not the topic he actually harps on. Rather he is speaking to the hypocrisy of the mainstream audience. On one hand they were compelling him to come out with more-substantial content than his usual, angst-filled fare. Em felt he had done so via his album “Revival” (2017). Then they stated that he was “too tame” and other similarly-unflattering characteristics. So he came back with another album in 2018 called “Kamikaze”, in which he switched back to his traditional, rude persona. But then these selfsame individuals started calling him “too angry”. 

So now it’s like he really doesn’t care how they perceive him. One reason is because no matter what negativity haters may throw his way, Em still feels, based on his past achievements, that he has already outperformed them all.  But another way of viewing the situation is that he opines some of these parties who actually listen to his music are unappreciative of the variety of hits he has managed to churn out. So such is one of the reasons why he has now decided to adopt a disposition where he is taking a no-holds barred approach in addressing said critics as well as others he deems to be his rivals.

Lyrics of "Premonition (Intro)"

Facts about “Premonition (Intro)”

“Music to Be Murdered By” was actually named after an album Alfred Hitchcock (1899-1980) dropped back in 1958. And Eminem samples the intro to said project onto this track.

“Premonition (Intro)” was released on 17 January 2020 with the rest of Eminem’s own version of “Music to Be Murdered By”. This was done so via Shady Records and two other labels (including Interscope Records).

This song was written and produced by the team of Dr. Dre, Eminem, Luis Resto, Mark Batson and Dawaun Parker. And the other two writers are Jeff Alexander and Nikki Grier.

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  1. Brooklyn says:

    Who is the female singing in eminems premonition?

  2. Kurt says:

    Sounds like portishead

  3. Iehwhe says:

    Who’s name of woman in intro?
    Why she stabbed to death
    And by who?

  4. 193uend says:

    Who’s name of woman who stabbed to death?
    And why by who ?

  5. Lebogang malebo says:

    Nikky Grief is the woman

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