Meaning of “Red Room” by Offset

Of course lyrics based on the possession of wealth and flossing it are part and parcel of “Red Room”, Offset’s first solo track. After all, such is the Migos’ standard. But in this track, Offset shows a level of lyrical expertise that is unfound in his bandmates. And the main topic of the song isn’t money or gun violence, although those themes get their moments in the sun. Rather we find the artist reflecting on his past and expressing appreciation for overcoming obstacles to become a successful rapper.

For instance, in the chorus he mentions the fact that he grew up with a single mom who had to function in a dual-parent role. So of course he hooked her up when he got rich. Offset also brings up the fact that a few months before the writing of the song, he was in a serious car crash and how that incident still haunts his thoughts. Past memories that also come to mind were his days as a violent street thug. He admits that life is sometimes “too fast” for him. As such, Offset requests the guidance of God to help keep him on a positive path.

Lyrics of Offset's Red Room

Other notable subjects the rapper delves into include how much he misses his deceased grandmother. He also reminisces on the lives that have and continue to be lost on the streets, and the saddening impact such has on those they leave behind. 

Ultimately this track serves as somewhat of a social commentary, with lyrical content more along the lines of artists like J Cole yet noticeably infused with Migoisms which have made Offset and his partners so popular in the first place.

Facts about “Red Room”

  • Writer(s): “Red Room” was written by American songwriter/producer Metro Boomin as well as Offset himself.
  • Producer(s): This track was also produced by the multi-talented Metro Boomin.
  • Album/EP: “Red Room” is the first single from Offset’s inaugural solo album.
  • Release Date: “Red Room” itself was released way back on 30 November 2018 via an internet leak. However the official release date of the track is 14 February 2019.
  • Recording Label: The labels behind this song are Motown, Capitol Records, Quality Control and Universal Music Group.
  • 1st Interesting Stuff: The highly-cinematic video for “Red Room” includes settings based on Offset’s past as well as one that has been inspired by the practice of witchcraft. Offset himself has said that the purpose of this song (or more specifically the album it is featured on) is to serve as an artistic expression of his life.
  • 2nd Interesting Stuff: The song samples Louis B’s 2017 song titled “Devil in a White Dress”. That track featured Travis Scott and King Louie.

Which album does Offset’s “Red Room” appear on?

The song will appear on Offset’s debut album. But as of February 15, 2019, the album is untitled. It is scheduled to be released on February 22, 2019.

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