“Clout” by Offset (Ft. Cardi B)

The primary purpose of “Clout” is to serve as the Offset and Cardi B’s attack on gossipers, particularly those who use internet-based mediums – such as blog and social media – to spread rumors about them.  However, the criticism of such people by celebrities, especially singers, is nothing new. Rather there are other aspects of this song – besides it featuring a married couple – that makes it stand out.

For instance, the most notable-line of the track is Offset making mention of the obvious – that women indeed try to pick him up, particularly referencing via social media. However, he also mentions – again being on a track with his wife – that he’s not going to give in to such ploys. Yet in the very-next bar, he states that he still moves with other shorties. Additionally he concludes his verse, somewhat ironically, by stating that other guys’ girlfriends can’t help but to want him. He also brings up other topics – such as his financial commitment to the future of his children – and gives a shoutout to Kanye West.

Cardi B’s lyrics are even more-pointed than her hubby’s. The majority of them are devoted to getting at those who use her name to increase traffic to their websites and female competitors, who she claims want to be like her. As far as the websites go, she implies they need to focus more on delivering good product than using her name as clickbait – with Offset expressing a similar sentiment of self-encouragement in his verse. However, at the end of the day, Cardi isn’t really here to inspire anybody. Rather her primary objective is to let those who contest and slander her name know that she’s not taking such lying down and to drop a damn-good verse while at it.

Lyrics of Clout

What really is the meaning of Clout?

Clout has a number of meanings. However, the meaning closest to what’s being discussed in this post is this: being famous, wealthy and influential.

A clout chaser is someone who looks for fame through talking about or associating themselves with famous people’s names.

Quick Facts about “Clout”

  • Offset co-wrote “Clout” along with his wife Cardi B.
  • On February 22, 2019, the couple dropped this song, making it commercially available across the globe.

Is this the first time Offset is working with his wife Cardi B on a track?

No. The duo worked multiple times on multiple songs prior to “Clout”.

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  1. loca chaps says:

    Good work you two there are many clouts on your way

  2. Bossmomma89 says:

    Love the song put them in they place.

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