“Forever… (Is a Long Time)” by Halsey

The mood of “Forever… (Is a Long Time)” is intended to be indicative of the singer’s reservations against falling in love. We see from the onset that she has internal issues. Some of these can be categorized as depression, while others lend to her recognizing that she has an unfavorable personality. And the notion they seem to collectively allude to is that she is not interested in falling in love, on top of her realizing she would not be a good partner. Yet she has still met someone who has been able to get past her shortcomings and defenses and touch her heart. 

So initially her disposition is tantamount to joy. However, by the time all is said and done, she is expressing doubts in terms of her ability to actually perpetuate a genuine romance. Or put differently, she feels that it’s only a matter of time before she does something to turn this dude off. So conclusively, we can say that this particular song is centered on a character who feels as if she has reached the point where she can no longer be a constructive lover. Yet despite possessing such a negative mindframe, she is still vulnerable to falling in love if she meets the right guy.

Lyrics of “Forever… (Is a Long Time)”

Did Halsey write “Forever… (Is a Long Time)”?

Yes. And she also produced it alongside a producer named Lido (who also co-wrote the track). The pair wrote the song along with Benny Blanco, Happy Perez and Cashmere Cat.

Release Date

Capitol Records put this song out on 17 January 2020 as part of Halsey’s album “Manic” album.

Did Halsey release “Forever… (Is a Long Time)” as a single?

No. Her album “Manic” had only the following official singles:

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