“Forget Me Too” by Machine Gun Kelly (ft. Halsey)

On “Forget Me Too”, Machine Gun Kelly and Halsey are portraying the role of two lovers.  But unfortunately their relationship is highlighted by a considerable amount of internal strife, and one can even say a lack of commitment. But at the same time, it is also pretty clear that they love each other. Indeed that’s the dilemma which the lyrics are ultimately based on. 

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Each of the vocalists claims they are ready to call it quits, but only if the other person says they want to end the relationship first. And it appears that even when they do go as far as to break up, they eventually end up back together anyway, even against their own wills so to speak. Or stated differently, the two of them can’t stop thinking about each other and in their heart of hearts want the romance to work out.

Facts about “Forget Me Too”

The writers of this song are its two producers, Omer Fedi and Travis Barker, alongside Dark Waves, MGK and Halsey.

According to MGK, it only took Halsey 5 minutes to write her verse, and Barker further elaborated that she laid down her vocals in just 10 minutes.

For those who are familiar with the history between Halsey and MGK, in which they were involved in a love triangle if you will, this collaboration, which is their first, was in fact unexpected.

This collaboration formally came out in September 2020 as part of MGK’s fifth studio album, which is entitled “Tickets to My Downfall”. And the label that published it is Bad Boy Entertainment.

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