Halsey’s “Killing Boys” Lyrics Meaning

The track “Killing Boys” is based on Halsey’s desire to directly confront her romantic interest. More specifically, it is based on a fantasy where she and one of her friends steal a car, roll up to his house and basically rough dude up. Although what has prompted this vision of her “killing boys” is never actually mentioned, the general implication is that he has somehow done her wrong. 

And her not knowing how to most-effectively respond is causing her to take things to the extreme. Or let’s say she has tried every other means of getting through to him but has failed to do so. Indeed Halsey has detailed in an interview that the true issue behind this feeling is a lack of communication.  Stated otherwise, the only way she can get her partner to sit down for meaningful feedback is to tie him down, so to speak. 

So in all, this song is indicative of the singer being frustrated by her lover to the point of losing her cool. And no, she is not going to literally kill him or any other “boys”. But she can at least picture a scenario where she is able to literally force him to deal with her more forthrightly.

Lyrics of "Killing Boys"

Facts about “Killing Boys”

“Killing Boys” was written by Halsey and five other songwriters, namely:

  • Benny Blanco
  • Cashmere Cat
  • Happy Perez
  • Nate Ruess
  • John Cunningham 

Writers Ruess and Cunningham also produced the track.

The title of this track was apparently derived from the sample which serves as its intro. And said audio clip is a dialogue between two characters from a 2009 movie entitled “Jennifer’s Body” starring Megan Fox.

“Killing Boys” was released, via Capitol Records, as a feature on Halsey’s album “Manic” on 17 January 2020. It wasn’t released as a single. The following are the songs Halsey officially released as singles from “Manic”:

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