“Range Brothers” by Baby Keem and Kendrick Lamar

The reason this song is referred to as “Range Brothers” is apparently based on two facts. One would be that Baby Keem and Kendrick Lamar are in fact related. They’re cousins actually, though some cultures do also refer to such relations as brothers. And second, as implied in the lyrics, they possess a Range Rover, i.e. an expensive SUV.

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And apparently the main usage of said vehicles is in the name of sexual conquest. Or, as with more or less the rest of The Melodic Blue album, sex proves to be the primary topic of this song, considering that Keem holds down the majority of the lyrics. And somewhat similar to tracks like Pink Panties, he goes about presenting himself, somewhat convincingly, as a rap-star level playa.

Of course when Kendrick Lamar likewise makes such assertions, it’s more believable considering that he’s a certified superstar. But being the older brother in this equation, he actually spends most of his verse dealing with more serious topics. For instance, Lamar notes how he has his family’s well-being in mind when making financial decisions. 

The rapper is also able to relish the fact that despite coming from an impoverished background, he has now made it big. He also goes about imparting advice, perhaps to the likes of Keem even, as far as romance is concerned. And such wisdom is along the lines of not being blinded by the beauty of women, considering that they’re even wiser than men. But apparently such a level of understanding won’t prevent K-Dot from, say ‘sharing a ho’ with his little cuz. 

So Kendrick once again does an effective job of treading that thin line between intellectual and gangsta rapper. And overall, due to his presence this is one of the more notable songs on Melodic Blue.

Lyrics to "Range Brothers" by Baby Keem

“Range Brothers” Facts

Despite not being released as one of the singles of Keem’s The Melodic Blue album, “Range Brothers” happens to be one of the most formidable tracks on the entire project. Both song and project came out on 10 September, 2021.

Prior to the project’s release on the aforementioned date, Keem had dropped two solid singles from the project, namely “Durag Activities” and “Family Ties“.

The whole project was released by courtesy of Columbia Records and a media company named pgLang. FYI: pgLang was co-founded by Keem’s cousin and collaborator, Kendrick Lamar.

“Range Brothers” is the 4th track on its album’s track listing. It is also one of 2 songs on the album’s standard edition that features Lamar. The other is the aforementioned single titled “Family Ties”.

Range Brothers


As expected, Keem and Lamar hold writing credits to “Range Brothers”. The following names are also acknowledged as official co-writers of the track:

  • Scott Bridgeway
  • Dez Wright
  • Jahaan Sweet
  • 30 Roc

All the artists above, with the exception of Lamar, also receive production credits for the track.

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