“Politics & Violence” by Dominic Fike

Contrary to the title, “Politics & Violence” is not about politics or violence. Rather Dominic dedicates most of the lyrics in the track’s singular verse to detailing his interactions with a romantic interest. And the intro, chorus and bridge possibly, though highly-metaphorical, allude to his quest for stardom. And he concludes the song by insinuating that he’s in the studio dancing. So all things considered, “Politics & Violence” reads a lot like a freestyle, i.e. a song which is not dedicated to sticking to any particular topic(s).

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Dominic Fike's Politics & Violence at Lyrics.org.

Release Date

Columbia Records in association with Sandy Boys released “Politics & Violence” on Thursday, the 9th of July, 2020. It was the second single from Dominic Fike’s “What Could Possibly Go Wrong” album. The album’s first single was “Chicken Tender“.

Did Dominic Fike write this song?

Yes. Dominic penned it with producer Julian Cruz. In addition to Dominic and Julian, songwriters Sam Homaee and Jon Wienner also receive writing credits.

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