“Elliot’s Song” by Dominic Fike

Dominic Fike is a singer who, back in 2020, appeared as if he was one of the top up-and-coming artists in the music industry. However, as of the turn of 2022, he is perhaps better known for playing a prominent role on an uber-popular television series known as Euphoria

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It is from that program that this song (“Elliot’s Song”) is specifically derived. In other words, it is meant to serve the purpose of relaying a message from Fike’s character, “Elliot”, to another named “Rue” (as portrayed by Zendaya).

The Lyrics of “Elliot’s Song”

The above mentioned foreknowledge is important to point out, even if the lyrics are fashioned in such a way where there are no proper nouns used, thus granting the song a general applicability. And that is because even so it becomes obvious that the vocalist is singing to a particular (type of) woman, one who is depicted in the second verse as, like himself, being mischievous.

But overall, despite the metaphorical language or what have you, the message sentiment relayed is simple enough. The logical implication would be that the addressee is akin to a romantic interest of the vocalist’s. And when she came into his life, he felt as if her presence was a blessing. But since then, he has come to realize that perpetuating their relationship would stifle her personal development.

So apparently, the issue has arisen as far as the two of them going their separate ways.  And Dominic is supporting the idea that yes, the addressee should go ahead and do her own thing, with his moral support even.  And part of his willingness to separate from her is also founded in the belief that the two of them will meet up again, in the future, at a more ideal time.

Dominic Fike, "Elliot's Song" Lyrics
Dominic Fike discusses "Elliot's Song"

Who wrote “Elliot’s Song”?

The writers of this song are Labrinth and Zendaya. Zendaya, as of the release of this track is in fact an A list Hollywood actress. However, a lesser known fact is that she’s actually been dropping (largely movie-related) music for over a decade. And for the past couple of years, due in part to her starring on Euphoria, her only singles have been in conjunction with Labrinth, a popular British musician who is in charge of composing music for the series.

When was this song released?

This song’s official release date is 27 February 2022. It is part of Euphoria: Season 2 (An HBO Original Series Soundtrack), an album put out by Interscope Records.

This song premiered on the final episode of the second season of Euphoria. It aired on the same day as the release of “Elliot’s Song”.

Elliot's Song

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