“How Much Is Weed?” by Dominic Fike

Dominic Fike’s second studio album – “Sunburn”, which is a product of Columbia Records – came out on 7 July 2023.  This was a long-awaited project as his debut LP, “What Could Possibly Go Wrong”, came out back in 2020. But to note, in-between now and then Fike has also established himself as an actor, co-starring on the popular HBO series Euphoria.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Dominic Fike's How Much Is Weed? at Lyrics.org.

Along with “Sunburn” came “How Much Is Weed?”, the opening track on its playlist. This is a song which Dominic Fike co-wrote and co-produced with Jim-E Stack, and Ariel Rechtshaid served as an additional producer.

Lyrics of “How Much Is Weed?”

This track is semi-autobiographical, reading a lot like a come-up song, for lack of better ways of describing it. It is not abundantly clear what weed, i.e. marijuana, has to do with what’s being relayed. 

The singer does seem to sorta allude to one or two of the common aftereffects of smoking herb in the first verse, which is suffering from hunger and perhaps, it can be ascertained, related financial issues. But again, the song in its entirety isn’t about that. Instead, what we’re more notably met with is Dominic shouting out loved ones and contrasting his past days of economic woes to the present, now being a successful musician.

As for the chorus, which usually relays the thesis sentiment of a song, in this case it’s hard to make out what the vocalist is getting at. But one plausible theory is that Fike is espousing an ideology of bravely forging ahead, one which he feels his life has exemplified. However, these lyrics go in a lot of different directions, to the point where it’s also arguable that there really isn’t any main point besides the vocalist expressing his thoughts and describing his lifestyle.

“Photo album but the color faded from it
If I could go back and tell you how it ends, I woulda done it
Don’t look down
Don’t look down”

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