Dominic Fike

American singer and songwriter Dominic Fike has been in the music space since 2017. Born in December 1995, this artist hails from the city of Naples in Florida.

Fike made his entry into the mainstream music scene through sharing his songs on the streaming platform SoundCloud. “3 Nights”, which dropped in 2018, was issued as his first single. This song was released from the singer’s debut EP, “Don’t Forget About Me, Demos”.

In 2020, the Florida singer came out with “What Could Possibly Go Wrong” as his debut studio album.

What Style is Dominic Fike?

Alternative hip hop and rap rock are the genres that best describe the type of music Fike creates.

Here is a compilation of a number of top songs from this music star:

“Politics & Violence”

“Chicken Tender”

“Hit Me Up” (with Omar Apollo and Kenny Beats)



“Falling Asleep”

“She Wants My Money”

“Westcoast Collective”


“King of Everything”

“Açaí Bowl”

“Phone Numbers”

“Elliot’s Song”

“Mona Lisa”

“How Much Is Weed?”

“Mama’s Boy”

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