“Mask Off” by Future

It has been deduced that the title of this song (“Mask Off”) serves as a metaphor for Future depicting himself in a frank manner therein. More specifically, he lets it be known that he does in fact reliant on substances such as “molly”. Moreover the track serves as an acknowledgement that he grew up in a challenging background but since then has made it rich.

Facts about “Mask Off”

“Mask Off” was produced by Metro Boomin. And he also served as one of the track’s writers alongside Future, in addition to DJ Esco and a British musician named Tommy Butler. The latter is acknowledged as his 1976 track “Prison Song” is sampled into “Mask Off”.

This track falls into the categories of hip-hop and trap music.

“Mask Off” came out on February 17th 2017. It is the second single from Future’s self-titled album which was released that same year.

There have been a number of covers of this song by the likes of HRVY (2017) and even a Minecraft-inspired parody that was also issued in 2017.

“Mask Off” peaked at number 5 on America’s Hot 100. It also reached 22nd place on the UK Singles Chart.

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